Dreams and Wings, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers motivational, inspirational, and life-changing experiences to special needs children and youth through aviation.

Dream and Touch the Sky

Experiencing the world from a new and higher perspective is what Dreams and Wings is all about for special needs children in Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.  At a Dreams and Wings Fly Day event our special kids stretch old limits and explore new horizons.   With the roar of the engine and whoosh of the wind, they learn that even the sky need not be a limit when we have the courage to dream.

Seated beside an experienced pilot in a light airplane, each child and at least one family member and/or friend will gently escape gravity and soar with the clouds to take a bird's eye view of the beautiful Great Lakes contryside.At a cruising altitude of 1500 feet, an otherwise routine flight in a regular plane becomes a once in a lifetime experience for hundreds of special needs children each year.

Dreams and Wings gives these special needs children an opportunity to glimpse new horizons, to challenge themselves to lift their imaginations and to venture where the gulf between reality and fantasy and back again is wondrously achieved through aviation.This unique form of recreational and educational therapy elevates the soul to realize that the human spirit can prevail over any obstacle.

A Dreams and Wings Fly Day includes a short ground school where the children learn about airplanes and how they fly, refreshments and a host of fun and educational activities and displays designed to introduce the children and their families to new and unique equipment, services, opportunities and experiences.In addition to the 20 minute airplane ride, each special needs child receives a Dreams and Wings T-shirt, a set of gold aviator wings and a flight certificate commemorating his or her achievement.

Dreams and Wings, Inc. is a not for profit corporation with a valid IRS 501 (c) (3) status.The program is offered completely free of charge to all participants and is underwritten by corporate, philanthropic and individual donations.

When kids with a disABILITY or special needs go flying, take the controls of an airplane and soar high above their problems and worries, they soon realize that "they can do anything."  The courage and the opportunity to DREAM is the key to unlocking unrealized potential.

The organizers, with the loving help of dozens of volunteer pilots and ground support personnel, have been providing these unique opportunities to the special needs children in thirteen locations across Michigan and the Great Lakes Region for over 10 years. These Fly Days have touched the lives of over 2000 children and family members making once in a life time memories that will be shared and re-shared for decades.


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